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Tree Maintenance at The Walks

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Linthicum Walks is the home to a wonderful collection of trees planted by Olive Warfield King, who purchased the property in 1924 with her husband Benjamin Arthur King. Our sprawling grounds contain a Deodar Cedar (also known as a Himalayan Cedar) that is a Maryland tri-champion (one of the three largest examples of the species in Maryland), as well as several Anne Arundel County champions: a Cryptomeria (Japanese Cedar), a Chinese Elm, and an Eastern Red Cedar. On October 21, 2022, a crew from Bartlett Tree Experts was at the Walks to carefully perform much-needed tree maintenance. Wind-damaged branches were trimmed from the Deodar Cedar, the large Chinese Elm, and the Eastern Red Cedar; dead branches were removed from two Scarlett Oaks; and a small Chinese Elm was pruned back to allow more sunlight to reach the Cryptomeria. We appreciate the guidance from Bartlett arborist and Crofton resident Ryan Cuccia and the Bartlett crew: Billy, José, and Paul.


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