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New Children's Bedroom at Linthicum Walks

Updated: Feb 28

Restoration is an ongoing process at Historic Linthicum Walks. There is always something to do. We continue to seek out funding to support these projects. We look to grants and some of the profits from our public events to support the projects. It is so great to see improvements made.

If you have ever been upstairs in the 1840 portion of the house, you already know about our problem with peeling paint. At some point in the distant past, someone incorrectly painted the ceiling and walls. When painting on top of plaster walls/ceilings, there are special steps that must be taken. Walls/ceilings have to be scraped, sanded, skim coated with plaster, and sanded some more. Next, special bonding primer must be applied and only then can the surfaces be painted. We have started!

We began with the front bedroom. What a mess! We have completed work on this bedroom and are very happy with the results. Thanks so much to Nancy and Roger for helping with another one of my crazy projects. When you come to your next event, be sure to go upstairs and see the remodeled children's room.


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