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St Stephen's Church Cemetery...Another Trip

Imagine my joyful surprise when I found out that, in addition to some of the Linthicum family, some of the King family are buried in St. Stephen's Church Cemetery too.

As you may know, the Linthicums were the first owners of Linthicum Walks and the King Family were the last private owners. So, what a great connection to find many of them resting in the same cemetery. Both families arrived in the "new country" at about the same time (1640-Richard and Ellen Warfield from whom Olive Warfield King was descended) (c.a.1658-Thomas Terrell Linthicum)

The house and tobacco farm was handed down through several generations of Linthicums. Benjamin and Olive Warfield King bought Linthicum Walks in 1924 and were able to modernize the house adding electricity, indoor plumbing, a kitchen and a sleeping porch. Mrs. King is also responsible for the planting and implementation of the park-like surroundings of Linthicum Walks.

Mr. King passed away from a stroke in 1968 and Mrs. King passed away in 1981.

In the cemetery, I found the graves of Olive and Benjamin along with three of their four adopted children (Margaret Mary, Michael, and Deborah). Son Peter is buried in a different location. Olive's three sisters (Helen, Frances, and Hester) are also buried there. Frances is the author of an autobiographical book that I look forward to reading, “Cotton in My Ears,” which relates her life as a child and young woman with a hearing impairment.   


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