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Behind the Book Lecture Series with Author Maria Grosskettler

Our January Behind the Book Author Lecture Series almost didn't happen. It snowed several inches on Friday. As you may know, our driveway is mostly gravel and our parking area is grass so neither one can be plowed. Thanks to some neighbors from the Surlis family enough snow was cleared to go ahead with our event. We all really enjoyed listening to Maria talk about her book. My big question was why did she chose to set the story in Berlin, Maryland. Turns out her husband grew up there and still has friends there. She spoke about the many, many steps it took to get the book published. In the end she chose to self-publish and truly appreciates events like ours to help her promote her book. She loves history and is working on a sequel to this story. She was very excited to see Linthicum Walks and even hinted it might have to appear in a future book. As a retired teacher, it was great to see this teacher and her teacher husband create such a wonderful story.



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